Duck Season Reflection

Every duck hunter has a feeling of remorse as the final days of season draw near. All the time, effort, and joy of perusing waterfowl is about to be over for the next nine months. As I reflect back on my season I realized there’s nothing I enjoy more than watching mallards drop out of the sky and parachute into the Tanglefree decoy spread. I’ve rolled out of bed at 3am more times than I have in previous years and I don’t regret a second of it! I’ve been everything from designated caller, shooter, cleaner, photographer, GoPro operator, and even boat driver in the past few months! Playing different roles has made my love for this sport grow. I’ll be honest, ducks were not my favorite game to hunt in the past, but this year that changed. Being more involved in the whole process taught me not only responsibility, but I gained confidence in myself as well. Which is what I want for all women in the outdoors!


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