Weekend bow hunt

After preparing for my hunt until a little past midnight I knew I better get to bed soon because 3:30am was coming quickly. Sure enough as soon as I closed my eyes my alarm clock starting going off. After hitting the snooze a few times I finally rolled over and crawled out of bed with the thought of coffee and oatmeal leading me to the kitchen. Honestly, thats what gets me motivated in the morning. I had even more motivation today. With deer on my mind I prepared my hearty breakfast of instant oats and egg whites to get me through the morning. IMG_4491.JPG

My friend, who’s like an older brother to me, picked me up and we headed off to his property about 7 minutes down the road. Once we got there we had over a mile walk to where we planned to hunt. We trudged through shin deep muddy water for a ways and then skirted along the edge of the woods. As we finally made it to a small clearing in the thicket I was ready to climb up my tree with my stand and watch the woods come to life.

Patience. Persistence. Positivity.

Those are the three words I try to keep in mind while hunting. It is not an easy sport so I constantly have to remind myself to stay positive because as long as I keep doing the right thing in the right place, sooner or later it will be the right time. Thats what my dad has always taught me and that’s what I try to live by.

Even though I didn’t see another deer that day I always appreciate just being in nature and enjoying some quiet time. In a stand you finally have time to think or to not think. In my opinion, tree stand therapy is the best therapy. Just remember to bring plenty of snacks!!

Once I made it back home around 11am I passed OUT for a solid four hour nap that was much needed.


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