Throwback to my second ever Robin Hood

Throwback to my second ever Robin Hood with my Hoyt Charger!! 🏹🏹 I’ve never shot so consistent until I switched to a Hoyt. I was pretty pumped about my first Robin Hood but now it’s getting expensive so I don’t try to shoot groups as much anymore 😅 arrows aren’t cheap!


If you aren’t familiar with bow hunting you might not have ever heard the term “Robin Hood” used in this way. There was the movie Robin Hood and that is where the name originated from. Now the term is used when someone shoots one arrow into another. This is very difficult to do and requires the archer to be 100% consistent. Therefore it is a rare occurrence that is mostly just luck. If you shoot enough it’s bound to happen to you at least once. This is my second one and trust me it wasn’t nearly as cool as the first one when I realized I was out $30 in arrows!

Still photo opp. worthy though.


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