Magic Cookie Protein Bites

Out of all the protein treats I made these are my favorites and taste amazing!! They are a great high calorie snack for hunting, hiking or playing sports since they stick to your ribs and hold you over until your next meal.


– 2 scoops MTN OPS cookies and cream Magnum protein
– 1 container sweetened condensed milk
– 9 Graham Crackers
– 4 TBSP coconut oil
– Chocolate chips
– Reese’s pb chips
– Almonds
– Coconut Flakes

– Combine protein and condensed milk in a small bowl
– Smash graham crackers
– Combine graham cracker crumbles with coconut oil to make crust
– Spray a small or medium sized rectangle pan with nonstick spray and line bottom with coconut oil and graham cracker mixture to form a crust
– Pour milk and protein mixture into pan and evenly disperse to create a layer
– Sprinkle chocolate chips and pb chips to create a layer
– Sprinkle almonds to create a layer
– Sprinkle coconut flakes to create a layer

-Bake at 350 for a couple minutes until toasted

Macros for one serving out of 24 total servings:
– 6 P // 23 C // 12 F
– 219 kcal


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