New Age Gun Cleaning Kit

After a long and fruitful duck season we packed our guns away without so much as a second glance at the grit and grime they had accumulated over the past few months. Our Beretta’s traveled with us from Arkansas to Nebraska a handful of times during the 2018-2019 hunting season. Along the way they picked up sand, mud and were even dunked in a flooded timber hole. When we uncased our guns for turkey season this past spring we only changed our chokes and were ready to roll!

After almost two months of strenuous turkey hunting in the Nebraska sand hills we had managed to fill 5 out of our 6 turkey tags. Our guns never once gave us any problems, but they were in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. When the opportunity came up to collaborate with Sage and Braker ( I was all over it. I am a perfectionist at heart with a deep love for leather and waxed canvas. So the thought of a pristine gun cleaning kit with ample selection of tools makes my heart pitter patter.

In the past, I have managed to clean my guns while simultaneously making a mess of the entire room. With the Sage and Braker gun cleaning mat, I kept my oils, utensils and mess all in one localized area. The combination of wool, leather and waxed canvas makes a unique experience any marksman could appreciate. Most of the time gun cleaning is a nitty gritty task some people (like myself) dread, but this kit made it quite pleasant and organized. The four over-sized canvas and leather pouches hold gun cleaning supplies including brushes, rods, picks, CLP and several bore cleaning pieces.

The Sage and Braker CLP (Clean + Lube + Protect) is a step above your standard gun oil, CLP is bio-based and non-hazardous, which I LOVE. I also found the cleaning swabs to be extremely helpful to clean those hard to reach areas. After finishing my gun I even offered to clean my husband’s shotgun as he watched a basketball game. Since I actually found gun cleaning to be enjoyable for the first time, I plan to do a better job cleaning my guns on a more regular basis! I also have to add, this would be a GREAT Father’s Day present for any avid marksman. Next season I won’t be uncasing a grimy gun, but rather a well oiled machine.

Measurements: 69 inches long X 16 inches wide and a beefy 1/2 inch padded thickness.

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