Bear Box Solutions

This hunting season has been a little different for me to say the least. I’ve only been able to sit in the blind one time since having a baby at the beginning of October. Since I’ve been missing out on hunting, checking trail camera cards has become my new obsession.

Every weekend my husband, father and brother will bring me their SD cards to check on my laptop. To our surprise, we had quite a few pictures and videos of bears. However, once the bears found the cameras they always messed with them in some way.

At first we thought it was comical until one bear took it too far. This bear in the above video grabbed the camera with its teeth ripping it from the tree and puncturing it in multiple places… ruining the camera. I knew we needed something to protect our cameras from these curious critters so I ordered some StealthCam Security Bear Boxes.

These boxes offer a universal fit for most StealthCam models and are manufactured with powder-coated all-steel construction. So no more bears will be crunching on our cameras! If you’re worried about your cameras being stolen, these bear boxes can provide more security and the ability to be strapped to the tree with a HME Cable Lock. They don’t interfere with sensor or photo capturing abilities of the camera, but can be a bit noisey if you aren’t careful. That’s a trade off we are willing to make to ensure our cameras aren’t tampered with anymore!

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